Getting Invested


So you’ve attended the first 3 weeks and you like what you see, well what happens next?

  • You need to purchase your uniform (please see uniform page)
  • You need to complete this little booklet below on How to become a Wolf Cub.

The booklet can be found online here at this web page by following this link below:-

How to become a Wolf Cub  (Please Click this Link)


Once you have completed all the requirements in the booklet, or preferably as you approach the end of it, talk to Akela and arrange the date that you would like to be invested on, your parents are of course invited and we encourage you to do this so they can take pictures and record the event for posterity.

Things you’ll need to do:-

  1. Read the Jungle book’s 1st Chapter, I have a copy of this in PDF, this should not be confused with the Disney Version, watching either the cartoon or the recent live action version is not acceptable as both of these whilst they roughly follow the story they also miss out on a lot of important incidents within the book.

  2. Learn a little about Baden Powell, Scoutings founder. There is a fair bit of information in the booklet, but there is a huge amount of information about Baden Powell on the Web as well.

  3. Take part in a Wolf Cub activity, attending a Wolf Cub night covers this aspect so make sure you attend.


If you have any other questions, just give Akela a call and he should be able to help you with anything you need.

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