Wolf Cubs


What are Wolf Cubs?

  • Wolf Cubs are the middle section of a traditional scouting group.
  • Wolf Cubs are open to both boys and girls between the ages of 7.5 years of age to 11  years of age.
  • The  two other sections are Beavers for children aged between 5.5 years of age and 7.5 years of age  and Pathfinders, aged between 11 and 18 years of age.

WOLFCUBS RevisedWolf Cubs were founded in 1916, just over a 100 years ago by Baden  Powell, Scoutings founder, when he discovered that younger boys were often to be  found attending well established Boy Scout troops, but who fell below the then minimum age of 12 to take part in general scouting activities.

He quickly realized that the boys he encountered were very enthusiastic and wanted to get involved, but their physical size and maturity was not suited for the scout program. He new instinctively that these boys would provide the foundation or grassroots for the boy scouts to grow in the years to come, but he needed a plan.12182890_10206745240663212_1732779495146264682_o

So in consultation with one his most influential Scouters  at the time a young lady called Vera Barclay they put together the Wolf Cub Handbook and Wolf Cub Program which the BBS follow to this day.

The Wolf Cub program is as you may well be aware based around the story of the Jungle Book which was written by one of Baden Powell’s closest friends Rudyard Kipling and  with Kipling’s  blessing formed the core around which the wolf cub program was written and still remains as much a part of Wolf Cub’s today as it did well over a century ago.

Over the years the connection between the Jungle Book and the Cubs in main stream scouting has been diminished. This was mainly due to a perceived need for modernization of the Cubs Program, as a  result, the Star awards were phased out and other award schemes put in place which now have little if no connection to the Jungle Book at all. The Wolf Cubs. however, maintain these connections and traditions and this Pack for one,  has thrived as a result.

The Wolf Cubs Handbook (Please click this link)


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