Wolf Cubs Award Scheme

One of the  major parts of any scouting program is the award schemes attached to the individual sections, now  the Wolf Cubs in the BBS still follow the original Wolf Cub Program which was still in use until the 1960’s in general scouting around the world. However, due to a then perceived need for scouting to modernize due to falling numbers, many scouting organisations dropped the Wolf Cub Program and moved to the scouting programs we now see in main stream scouting organisations.

Many of the award schemes moved to a participation criteria for Cubs to pass a particular award, IE you just had to be there and take part in an activity to obtain it, whilst the Wolf Cub Program was always based around proficiency, that is demonstrating to an examiner/leader that a Wolf Cub was proficient at any given skill or requirement stated within the criteria for any badge.

Now this sound’s a little harsh, but in reality it teaches the Wolf cubs to prepare hard for a badge, present it well and accept the decision of the examiner as to whether what had been demonstrated was of sufficient quality to merit obtaining a given badge.  This teaches them life skills for the world we live in and helps them to focus and be self driven towards reaching any desired goal.

 The Star Awardssilver-star

The Star awards were the first awards scheme of the Wolf Cubs when it was founded back in 1916 and we still run this award scheme to this day, it has been modernized a little taking into account certain changes in the environment that children are brought up in, but the core aspects of the scheme remain as challenging as ever, this is especially for children brought up in a modern world where things are pretty instant, take the minimum of effort to achieve, compared to children of yesteryear where things were a lot tougher, but that’s a different story.

There are two star and a copy of the award scheme can be found by clicking on the Link Below:-

The Star Awards (Click Here to Open Link)


Proficiency Badges:

Proficiency badges are awards based around  physical, crafts, service and skills, all awards are based around the age of the child, but some do take a lot more effort for the Wolf Cubs to earn.

You can have a look at the Proficiency Badge Awards Scheme by   clicking on the Link below:-

Wolf Cub Badges (Click Here to Open Link)


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