Wolf Cub Ranks

The Wolf Cubs have five ranks  in the Pack and they are as follows:-

  • Tenderpad.       The name given to an un-invested Wolf CubWOLFCUBS Revised
  • Wolf Cub.          The name given to an invested Wolf Cub
  • Seconder.          The 1st duty rank within the Pack.
  • Sixer.                  The leader of any six.
  • Senior Sixer.     The junior  leader of the Pack.

Invested? Un-invested?

To be invested in the Wolf Cub Pack, the Wolf Cub must have completed all the requirements of their Tender Pad Badge as detailed in the booklet “How to become a Wolf Cub” which you will find on our investiture page. You will receive your Wolf Cub Cap, Scarf, Woggle and Certificate when you have passed the test requirements.


To be promoted  to a higher rank, ie to a Seconder or  even a Sixer, you have to complete the requirements  for that rank as detailed in the booklet below, the Sixer  & Seconder manual.

Sixer Seconder Manual (Please Click Here for Link)



In Wolf Cubs nothing is given, everything is earned. If you are privileged enough to have a stripe on your arm, the only reason you will have it is because you earned it. So remember if you want to be promoted, work hard and  you will be given the opportunity, however, it is down to you.

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