Training for Leaders

The BBS NZ training for leaders begins with a little bit of self training, that is to get you warrant you have to pass the same 1st badge as our Pathfinders do, that’s the Tenderfoot Badge, the best way to do this is work from the same booklet that is provided to the Pathfinders, each time you complete a section, take this booklet to the GPM “Group Pathfinder Master” and I’ll run through the finer details for you. We sign each section off together and then when your ready, you’ll decide exactly when, you’ll make your Promise as a Pathfinder but as a Wolf Cub Master in front of the whole group and  I will officially invest you as a Leader and present you with your Warrant.


As part of this learning process,  you’ll also need to have read Scouting for Boys if you are working with the Pathfinders and The Wolf Cub Handbook if your working with Wolf Cubs. Beaver leaders “Friends of the Forrest”.. all publications relevant to the age group you want to work with.

The Tenderfoot Badge  (Please Click this link) 


What Next?

Well you’ve just taken the first step, but to work towards your Scouters Leather Woggle you will need to complete the following:-

  • Child Protection Course. Completed on line.**
  • First Aider  Outdoors Course. Note if your a Beaver leader you will be invited to do simpler less involved course which specializes with younger Primary aged Children.**
  • Working with Children. (Piggy back course with other Organisations)**
  • Scouting Principles. (With the GPM Half Day)**
  • Scouting Skills. (With the GPM and Others 1 Day)
  • History of Scouting.  ( With the GPM Half Day)

Now the courses marked with ** are mandatory, but with the exception of the Child Protection Course and First Aid Course, these can be completed over a period of time, the first two must be completed within the first 2 months of service, ideally.

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