Wolf Cubs Uniform

The Wolf Cubs wear the following uniform:-


Wolf Cub In Uniform

  •  A traditional Wolf Cub sweater, ie  in our case a green sweatshirt, “thankfully not the old woolen itchy one I remember as a Cub Scout not so many years ago.”
  • A Wolf Cub Cap, with adjustable band  
  • Black Cargo shorts, plain.
  • Black socks with two white stripes
  • Green garters.

How much does it all cost?

Now the whole Package you can purchase from the group for $74.00,  or you can of course use your own black shorts  if you prefer, but they must be plain black with no print and ideally finish  2-3 inches above the knee. That would bring the cost down of purchasing a uniform to $58.00.

Footwear ie:- shoes.

The last thing is footwear, now black shoes are preferred, but we also understand that if these are not required at school, these can be a costly expense, so black trainers are perfectly as long as they don’t light up when the cubs run and they have the minimumCub cap amount of coloring on them.

Sizes and making sure it all fits

There’s nothing worse than ordering clothing for a child and then it doesn’t fit, to prevent this from happening we have kit in stock that you can try on to ensure, what you have  ordered and will fit your child hopefully right to the end of their stay in Wolf Cubs. So please ask us if you would like your child to try uniform on and  we can arrange for some to be brought along to the hall.

What do we get once we’ve paid?

When you’ve purchased your uniform, you will be issued wiBadges for 1st Hamiltonth everything with the exception of the cap, this is an earned piece of kit and like the scarf can only be worn by a wolf cubs who has learnt the promise and law and completed the requirements of becoming an invested Wolf Cub. Please see:- Becoming Invested

Once you have paid your membership fee, you will also receive your starter badge sets, these are the group and organisational badges for the Wolf Cub Jumper, these should be sewn onto the uniform as soon as possible, please see Wolf Cubs Uniform Layout for further information or ask one of the leaders for help.

The membership pays for the Wolf Cubs Leather Woggle, Scarf, Badges and Certificates. The scarf and woggle along with the Cap are received when the Wolf Cub is Invested.

To Order your uniform, please complete the form below:click on the link

Uniform order list (Please Click Here)Wolf Cub Uniform Online Order Form

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