Wolf Cub law & Promise

Now all over the world the Law and Promise is different, however, years ago this was not the case, everyone said the same Promise and Law regardless of where you lived in the world even if it was in a different dialect.

At the 1st Hamilton Wolf Cub Pack, we expect the prospective Wolf Cubs to learn their Promise and law off by heart as part of their preparation for their investiture, sounds quite difficult, yet I have never seen a boy or girl who wanted to be a Wolf Cub or even a cub scout for that matter who decided that they simply couldn’t manage the task. But it should also be remembered that saying words, memorized or not, without truly understanding their meaning is in itself meaningless. So think very carefully about the words you are about to say and the meaning of each.

The Wolf Cub Promise

I promise that I will do my Best

To do my duty to my God

To the Queen and my Country

To keep the Law of the Wolf Cub Pack

And to do a good turn to somebody everyday

The Wolf Cub Law

The Cub gives into the Old Wolf, The Cub does not  give into him/herself

The Wolf Cub Motto

Do your best


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