Getting Invested

badgeTenderfoot Badge

To become an invested member of the Troop, you need to first pass your Tenderfoot badge, with the provision that you learn your Promise and Law off by heart and demonstrated to a Pathfinder Master that you have completed all the tasks listed below, you will be invested into the Pathfinder troop at a special ceremony.

So you’ve attended the first 3 weeks and you like what you see, well what happens next?

  • You need to purchase your uniform (please see uniform page)
  • You need to complete this little booklet below on Pathfinder Tenderfoot Badge.

The booklet can be found online here at this web page by following this link below:-

The Tenderfoot Badge (Please Click to Follow Link) Tenderfoot Badge Booklet Revised

Once you have completed all the requirements in the booklet or preferably as you approach the end of it, talk to Gunner and arrange the date that you would like to be invested on, your parents can be invited and we encourage you to do this so they can take pictures and record the event for posterity.

Things you’ll need to do:-

  1. Describe to your best ability the early life of Robert Baden Powell and what he meant to scouting.
  2. Show a knowledge and understanding of the Pathfinder Law and Promise.
  3. Make the Pathfinder Sign and Salute Correctly.
  4. Demonstrate the Pathfinder Handshake and know the story behind it.
  5. Describe the composition of the New Zealand Flag (ensign) how to hoist break and fly it.
  6. Clean a wound and make and apply dressing.
  7. Make the woodcraft signs given in the BBS  hand book or Scouting For Boys Campfire Yarn 4.
  8. Demonstrate with rope how to tie the following: reef knot, sheet bend, clove hitch, bowline, round turn and two half hitches, sheep shank and explain their uses.
  9. Whip the end of a rope


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