Pathfinders Uniform

The Pathfinders uniform is exactly the same as a Pathfinders Leaders uniform, with the exception of the shoulder knots, which indicate what rank a Pathfinder leader holds  within the group or Patrol  that a Pathfinder is in.badge

The uniform consists of:-

  • Campaign hat.
  • Beige cotton or microfiber shirt
  • Scarf.
  • Whistle.
  • Lanyard.
  • Black cargo shorts.
  • Black socks with two white rings.
  • Green garters.

The hat the whistle and the lanyard remain the property of the group should you patfinder-back-and-sideleave,so make sure you take good care of them.

The shirt comes in two types, a modern microfiber shirt which is more expensive and  the standard cotton poplin shirt you’ll see the majority of the Pathfinders and Leaders wearing, either one is acceptable, and should be ironed before wearing.

The total cost of the uniform is a little more than that of the Wolf Cubs, however, if you have come up from the Wolf Cub section, you won’t be buying  garters, socks or shorts. so there is a saving there.

The total cost including shorts is $70.00, without them $55.00 which is a little cheaper than the Wolf Cubs Uniform, please see the membership form  for Pathfinders for sizing information.

Your membership fee covers the cost of your:-

  • Leather Pathfinder Woggle.
  • Scarf Blue and White.
  • Badges, Group, BBS NZ and OWS.
  • Certificate Tenderfoot.

You are given your whistle, lanyard, sheath knife and Hat on loan.

Please see the Pathfinder Uniform Layout Page to see where you sew on the badges.

To Place and Order for your Uniform Please complete this online Order Form, note
Payments must be made before receipt of Uniform.    Pathfinders Online Uniform Order Page

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