Pathfinders Award Scheme

The Pathfinders Award Scheme dates  right back to the the start of Scouts itself and for the moment we will be concentrating on the Pathfinders only not the Senior Pathfinders, who’s award scheme will appear under a separate TAB in the future should the section develop.

The “Tenderfoot” Award

The first award a Pathfinder must of course earn is his or her Tenderfoot award, this is often called “The First Step” on the way to earning the highest Pathfinder Award the Grand Scoutmaster award which is the BBS equivalent of the Queens Scout Award.

To complete this award, which is standard for all new Pathfinders joining the group they must complete the requirements detailed in this booklet, see link below.

The Tenderfoot Badge (Please click her to open PDF)badge


The requirement of the above award are detailed in the booklet and you should complete and have the Pathfinder master sign them off for you as you do. They are also listed on the
How to become Invested page of this section of the Website.Tenderfoot Badge (Please Click).

Once you have completed this badge you will become an invested member of the Troop and upon investiture you will be presented with your Hat, Scarf, Woggle and Tenderfoot badge.

The “Second Class” Pathfinder Award

The  Second Class Pathfinder Award sounds a little derogatory, the truth is this is far from easy and needs a lot of planning and preparation on behalf of the Pathfinder themselves. Remember, this is about you as a young person planning and executing events and activities in consultation with the Pathfinder Masters to complete the requirements of your award.

There are some excellent booklets published by Rex Hazlewood some years ago, one is called “how to get to your 2nd Class in 20 weeks”, yes that’s half a year of hard work and believe you me that’s fast and you have to motivated and self driven to get your award in that time. I’ve attached a PDF copy below to stop you looking for it, as always “The Dump” is a great resource for Pathfinders and Leaders a like.

How to Get to Your 2nd Class in 20 Weeks (Click to open PDF)


Proficiency and Service Badges

We’ll talk about the 1st Class award in the coming pages , but the next thing I’d like to talk about is the Pathfinders Proficiency and Service Awards. Proficiency badges are as I have discussed with Wolf Cubs, put the onus on the Pathfinder to demonstrate that he or she can complete the tasks stated within the requirements of the award to a required standard.

Service Awards are similar bit also require involvement with other organisations such as the Surf Life Guards in the case of the Life Saving Award.

Below is a link to a PDF created for the Pathfinders for the above, please open using Acrobat, if you click the pictures of the badges on the front page they will open the sheets with all of the criteria on them. You will also not a PDF symbol on the right, click this and and you will open a PDF of the sign off sheet, print this to record your progress on any given badge.

 Pathfinder Proficiency & Service Badges (Click to open PDF)


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