Pathfinder Promise and Law

badgeAs I said with the Wolf Cubs page, when you are invested as Pathfinder and have completed your Tenderfoot badge you will be asked to recite your Promise and Law. You will need to have learned it off by heart just like the Wolf Cubs have done with their own Promise and Law. But just saying the words is not enough, you must truly understand what each word means and exactly what you are promising to do for the words to mean a thing.

So take the time to learn both, as if you want to live by them, you have to understand them.

Pathfinder Promise:

On My Honour,

I promise that I will DO MY BEST.

To do my duty to my God,

To the Queen and my Country.

To help other people at all times,

And obey the Pathfinder Law

Pathfinder Law:

A Pathfinders’ honour is to be trusted.

A Pathfinder is loyal to The Queen, His/her Country, His/her Scouters, His/her Parents, and His /her Employers and to those under Him/her.

A Pathfinders’ duty is to be useful and help others.

A Pathfinder is a friend to all, and a brother to every  Scout, no matter to what Country, Class or Creed the other may belong.

A Pathfinder is courteous.

A Pathfinder is kind to animals.

A Pathfinder obeys the orders of his parents, Patrol Leader, or Pathfinder Master without question.

A Pathfinder smiles and whistles in all difficulties.

A Pathfinder is thrifty.

A Pathfinder is clean in thought, word and deed

Pathfinder Motto

Always Ready!!

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