Membership of the 1st Hamilton North Wolf Cub and Pathfinder scouting group  entitles all youth members to wear the uniform and badges of our scouting group and participate in all of its activities. But to become a member you must first complete this Membership Application form for your specific section, copies of which can be opened and printed by following the the link below:-


Beavers Membership form and information (Please Click this Link)
Click for Wolf Cub Membership Forms PDF Wolf Cubs Membership form and Information(Please Click this Link)
badge Pathfinders Membership Forms and Information(Please Click this Link)

These forms need to be completed and returned signed on the first week that you attend the group, without the completion and signing of these forms your son or daughter will not be able to take part in any of the activities run by the group whilst they are there. The forms also provide the leaders with contact information for you as parents should we need to contact you and also medical information regarding your son/daughter or ward.

Membership Fee

The membership fee becomes payable following the completion of your child’s third week of attendance of the section they wish to join. If you have all decided that either Beavers, Wolf Cubs or Pathfinders is for you then you musty pay your membership fee of $25.00. This pays for the following:-

  1. Group, Section and BBS NZ and OWS badges
  2. Your Group Scarf and Leather Woggle
  3. Membership Certificate.

Now Pathfinders will also receive the following, but these remain the property of the group:-

  1. Campaign Hat
  2. Whistle and Lanyard
  3. Sheath Knife

The hats are very expensive so please ensure you look after them to your best ability.

Moving Between Sections

Now this fee is payable again on transfer between sections, ie moving from Wolf Cubs to Pathfinders, this may sound a little steep but in reality the membership fee does not cover the cost of the items on the list above and any additional money generated goes towards purchasing of future supplies and definitely not into anyone’s pocket.

The term fees and other costs, for example the uniform, are detailed in the forms above and on the various Uniform Pages for each section, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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