Leaders and Parent Helpers

Leaders, Committee Members, Parent Helpers we need you all.

The one thing that any scouting group needs more than anything else, are parents and adult relatives of the youth members who wish to play an active role in the groups development and that of it’s youth members. With these naturally motivated people involved, any group will thrive and grow and they along with their children will forge memories which will last a lifetime. This wonderful group of people are normally parents of the youth members and they can and do help in so many ways, whether they are Leaders, Parent Helpers, Committee Members, Emergency Contacts for and event, the list goes on.

But a priority for any group, is of course is finding quality leaders to work with the youth members at their various age groups. Each section, Beavers, Wolf Cubs and Pathfinders requires a different approach, basically due to the age of the children involved and the unique way that the sections operate.

There is, however, a little bit of s misconception. In that you need to be Bear Grylls for the kids to respect you, work with you and enjoy what you have to offer, but this isn’t really the case. Sure, if you have a little bit of knowledge about the outdoors, love tramping and camping, there is an advantage within some of the sections, but we all have something to offer and  all of us can have a really positive impact on our youth members, the extent of which you won’t or can’t really appreciate until you see the  results. Here’s a few thing the kids will be looking for:-

  • Consistency:  Treating everyone the same way all of the time.
  • Reliability:       Being there, you’ll be amazed, that for some kids you may end up being the most consistent thing in their lives, if you turn up week in and week out, or try to rain, wind or shine it will mean a huge amount to them.
  • Being Fair:       Some children, not all,have a real appreciation of what is fair and what is not, treat them fairly and with respect and they will respond accordingly.
  • Caring:               To know that you think they matter, that you listen and take notice of them…  I can’t emphasize how important that is to young people.
  • Be Yourself:      Kids read us like a book, you don’t have to be a clown or sergeant major, the kids will respect you for who you are not what you try to be.
  • Be Prepared to Challenge yourself: The kids love it when we have a go at stuff, as long as we try it encourages them to give things a go and challenge themselves.

Dominic Horse

What are the  “results”.. a Wolf Cub said to me on the last camp …”that’s the best day I’ve ever had in my life” erm wow… “We” (that’s all the team) did that for him” there’s the result.. there’s no better feeling than to see a child happy, enthused, confident and smiling.  You simply can’t put a price on that.

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