How do I Join?

Joining the Wolf Cubs at the 1st Hamilton North Wolf Cub Pack  is a pretty easy proposition, however, for any young person the whole thing can feel a little daunting. The first step I would suggest is to complete the contact form below and we can arrange a date for you and your child’s first visit or we can phone you back and have a chat on the phone to discuss possible options and any concerns which you may have. Click on the contact button on the menu above, complete and submit the form  and I will get back to you within the next 24 hours or earlier.

Where do you meet and when?

The Wolf Cubs hold their meetings at Chapel Hill Community Church in Cate Rd, Rototuna, Hamilton, on Thursday nights from 6.30pm through to 8.00pm.


Following the initial contact, you’ll be asked to bring your child along to a Wolf Cub session, so they can get a taste of what the Wolf Cubs section is all about, it will also give you a chance to observe the leaders at work and see the children that your child will be interacting with over the coming months.

Now one week is not enough to gather an honest opinion, this can be for several reasons,

  1. The Pack may be running a specific session based around a specific future activity or even cleaning up from a camp.
  2. The Pack could be off site, attending an activity for example canoeing ad hence will not be going through their normal weekly processes, which could be misleading.
  3. You as a parent may not be able to stay the whole session or get called away.

So we in fact provide three weeks for you and your child to take part in all the activities in that the Pack engages in during that period of time for free (with the exception of external activities that we have to pay a vendor for) so you can get a better overview.

At the end of that period you and your child will have to make a decision, whether or not Wolf Cubs is for you or not? If you both decide Wolf Cubs is for you then you will need to purchase a uniform through the group, the prices and size options are on the uniform page which can reach by clicking on the menu above. Details  of membership and term fees can also be found on the  costs page.

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