How do I Join Pathfinders?

badgePathfinders is for young people aged between 11 and 18 years of age and is open to both boys and girls. The senior Pathfinders start at 15 years of age and whilst their program may differ somewhat from the Junior section of the Pathfinders, they are fully integrated and together they form the troop as a whole.

So if you ‘d like to join, the first thing I would suggest you do is click on the contact section of the menu above and complete the contact form, you will be replied to in under 24 hours  if not sooner and an appointment will be made with the Pathfinder Master for you to come along to a troop night so you can see what the Pathfinders get upto.

When you arrive you should have already completed the membership form and have it signed by a parent or guardian. This does not commit you to the Pathfinders, however, it will allow you to take part in any activities the Pathfinders may be involved in and also provide any relevant medical and contact information to the leaders whilst you are under their care and supervision.

Now you get three weeks free of charge to have a look at Pathfinders, determine what their program offers you and for your parents to meet the leaders involved with your section and the other youth members you will be working along side in the coming weeks. At the end of that period you will be asked to make a decision if you would like to continue or not as the case may be. If you decide that Pathfinders is for you, then you need to take the next step by confirming your interest to the adult leaders, paying your membership fee and purchasing your uniform.

Now if you haven’t down so already I would advise you to start working on your tenderfoot badge, you will need to have completed this to be officially welcomed into the troop, if you started with wolf cubs, you may have already started on this a term before you left, but for young people joining Pathfinders without being in the junior section you need to get this completed. There is a booklet called the Tenderfoot Badge, a link to which you can find below, work your way through this and you will have taken a big step towards becoming a Pathfinder.

The Tenderfoot Badge (Please Click to follow Link)


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