How Do I Join Beavers

beaver-badge1As with any new beginning, joining a group like Beavers can feel a little intimating for a young child, even  a little scary.. or perhaps that is something we convince ourselves of as parents, like the first day we take them to infant school. There we are thinking that they will break down in floods of tears, yet normally it’s us that ends up as an emotional mess. Whilst they go dashing off into the distance.

So where do you start? 

Well the first thing to do is complete the  contact form on this website, it takes a few minutes and then I will respond  to it,either by email initially or by telephone.

 Where do you meet and when?

The Beavers will hold their meetings at Waldorf School, Hamilton, on Wednesday Evenings, 5:00pm through to 6:30pm. We operate during normal school terms.


Following our initial correspondence, you’ll be asked if you would like to bring your child along to a Beaver Colony session, so they can get a taste of what the Beavers section is all about, it will also give you a chance to observe the leaders at work and see and meet the children that your child will be interacting with over the coming months.

To get a really good understanding of how the group operates, I would recommend coming along for at least three weeks before you and your child make their decision that Beavers is or isn’t for you. These three weeks are totally free of charge and hopefully will provide enough time for you and your child to get to know the children, parents and leaders.

If you only visit once, you may find that the:-

  1. The Colony may be running a specific session based around a specific future activity or even cleaning up from an off site event.
  2. The Colony could be off site, attending an activity for example  hence will not be going through their normal weekly processes, which could be misleading.
  3. You as a parent may not be able to stay the whole session or get called away.

At the end of that period you and your child will be invited to make a decision, whether or not Beavers is for you? If you both decide Beavers is for you then you will need to purchase a uniform through the group, the prices and size options are on the uniform page which can reach by clicking on the menu above. Details  of membership and term fees can also be found on the  costs page.

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