Getting Involved

A lot of parents become involved as Scouters/ “Leaders” because there children are attending the group. For many there involvement will only last as long as their children are involved in a particular section, then, when their Children move on or move up to an older section they tend to either move with them, or decide that they have fulfilled their obligations or “done their bit” and sadly leave.

Now there is nothing wrong with this, infact, this is very common, but there are some parents like myself, who have seen our children go through Cubs, Scouts and beyond,  who have seen the benefits that scouting has to offer and want to help other families experience the same thing.. Why? I guess the simple reasons, having a  real purpose, having a positive impact on young peoples lives, dealing with challenges…. some kids and indeed adults can be challenging and of course it’s great fun.

Cubs Own

So your interested,  So what do you do next?

Have an informal chat with the Group Pathfinder Master… that’s me, in the first instance to make sure that you have a really good understanding of what your committing too.

If in the event I don’t scare you off, you need to complete your Police Vetting Forms and obtain personal references. These when completed with proof of ID are entered onto the Police Vetting database, this should  identify any  previous convictions against children, or cautions that may affect your application. This process is totally confidential and a copy of the results will be forwarded to you for your records as part of the process. Sounds all very grisly, but youth protection is  part and parcel of any scouting organisation these days throughout the world.

Now in the BBS NZ, anyone who has contact with children is subject to Police Vetting,  it is a world Policy and one that has served the BBS in the UK well as they have never had a leader prosecuted for offences against children since they were founded in 1909. So remember that’s everyone, from Committee member to a leader.




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