Camp Craft

Camp Craft is basically a skill formed around not only your knowledge of how to set up a tent, but all the elements of which go into the planning, preparation, setup and maintenance of your camp site.

Now the skills you require for this really depend on:-

  • The Type of camp your going to.
  • Location.
  • Time of Year.
  • Numbers Involved.
  • Duration.
  • Access and accessibility.
  • Facilities.
  • Prevailing weather conditions.
  • The age of the people your camping with.


The Type of Camp:

There are any different types of camps that you will encounter in scouting, the most common are :-

  • Static  or heavy weight Camps.
  • Light weight Camps.
  • Ultra Light Camps
  • Bivys.
  • Survival
  • Hammock.

Now each camp type requires different  preparation, different equipment and a different knowledge  base to be effective and enjoyable for the participants. They are also aimed at different age groups, for example Wolf Cubs would probably only encounter Static, Lightweight and Bivy camps. Whilst Pathfinders could experience all types with the exception of the Ultra Light camping.

Static Camps:

Static camps are camps  which normally run for in excess of three days, the tents are generally larger, heavier and more complex. Food is cooked as a group, rather than individual patrols or sixes cooking their own.

An advance party,(group of volunteers)  unless you are Pathfinders would have probably set up the tents for you prior to your arrival, toilet facilities are normally on hand, but be aware you may have to dig your own if their not. The logistics involved in getting all the gear you need on site are a quite complex, with vehicles  and trailers bringing all the camping equipment to the site for you.


Years ago you did everything the same way, except as scouts, you loaded it at the church,  onto a hand cart and pulled  it along with all your gear to the chosen camp location. I not only admire these guys I envy them, one day perhaps  we will have a hand cart just the same.



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