Camp Craft Cont.

Light Weight Camps

Light weight camps are,  as the description indicates designed so that the participants can carry all of their equipment to the camp site on their own, ie in a backpack.

The tents tend to be synthetic, designed for lightness and are normally not designed to accommodate  more than two people, there are some three person tents however, but the price tag escalates quickly as the materials become specialized in the attempt to save weight.



With young people, the weight of your equipment is an important consideration,especially when you are recommended only to carry no more than 15% of your own body weight in your packs, which in kids terms, especially those who are super light anyway, this could mean carrying nothing that weighed more than a bag of sugar. So planning is really important.

Boys Hiking

When I run these type of camps I like to see the kids walk their way in,  ie we drop them at a location, they would have already planned a route and then they walk to their camp site with all of their gear on their backs. Then they set up the site based on the ground conditions rather than the more formal layouts for camp sites you see in static camps.

Cooking is normally done in pairs or as a patrol together, cookers are also designed to be lightweight and as a consequence can also be quite pricey. The basic rule is the lighter it is, the more its will probably cost you.Trangia_25-1Small

Lightweight camps can run for several days, depending on the amount of gear the members can carry, but this can be supplemented by having food delivered to the site by parents or  a supplier. It can also be hidden in a cache for the Pathfinders to find, following a series of clues.

As cookers go I quite like these Trianga cookers, there a little bulky, but you do get good value for money out of them, as they have no moving parts, they are very easy to maintain and do as the old saying go’s exactly what it says on the can.

A Cubs and Parents Guide To Campcraft

If  you look to the left you’ll see a booklet which I wrote a year or so ago for Cubs and more importantly the parents of the Cubs who actually purchase the clothing and equipment they will use. Good choices mad at the very start can mean that the equipment you buy will be usable in nearly all circumstances, poor choices will just cost you more and more money.

But I must emphasize, you need to invest in your childs gear from the start, buying poor quality equipment will  make the difference as to whether your child enjoys themselves on camp or not,  whether they are a Wolf Cub or a Pathfinder,

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