Becoming Invested

Kitten (Or Kit) is the name given to a new Beaver. At the first Colony Meeting the Kitten is fb_img_1492053976992-e1492054425815.jpg

In order to be Invested the Kitten must pass the Tenderpad Test:-


Before being invested as a Beaver, the boy or girl must :-

(1)   Know a little about the beaver, its’ habits and way of life;
(2)  Know the Beaver Promise and Beaver Law :


‘I promise to do my best, to obey my Leaders and my parents and to be a good Beaver’.


‘A Beaver is always busy and bright and helps other people by doing a good turn every day’.

(3)   Know and understand the Beaver Motto (Busy & Bright);
(4)   Know the Beaver Salute and what it represents;
(5)   Take part and understand the Riverbanks Ceremony for opening and closing meetings(6)   Know the Beaver Prayer :

‘Dear Lord, help me to be a good Beaver,
always busy and bright.
Be with those so dear to me
And help me do things right.  Amen’

Ahmeek will take the Investiture and this should be held at the beginning of a Colony Meeting with parents invited to come along and watch. As the Colony is in the Dam formation, Ahmeek will ask the Lodge Leader that the Beaver is in, to bring the Kitten forward to be invested. The Kitten then makes the Beaver Sign and repeats the Beaver Promise, first having given the Beaver Law.

The new Beaver is then presented with the Investiture Badges and Group neckerchief and welcomed into the Worldwide Brotherhood of Scouting. The new Beaver then Salutes Ahmeek and turns to salute the Colony who all return the Salute. The new Beaver is then clapped back to his Beaver Lodge.

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