beaver-badge1About the Section:

Beavers are the youngest section in a traditional scouting group and as far as scouting goes, this section is still relatively new in terms of the date that that it began.

Beavers as a section, were started by overseas scout organisations in about 1980 or perhaps a little before, and were then adopted by  Uk Scout Association at that time or very shortly after.  Beavers have become an important grass roots section for  a Scouting group and it is often here that not only young children begin their scouting journey, but also where prospective adult leaders often catch the bug.

The Beaver section is open to all children, boys and girls between the ages of 5.5 years of age an 7.5 years of age, and like the Wolf Cubs and Pathfinders, they have their own specific uniform,  traditions and ceremony’s.beavertent

The Beavers are the first insight into the scouting world for most families, hence, the traditions and ceremony’s are kept very simple to match the age and understanding of the children.

But none the less, this section still provides the kids and their families an opportunity to see what scouting has to offer them now and in the possible future.

Like the Wolf Cubs, the theme of Beavers is based on a story, in the Beavers case, this story is  called “Friends of the Forest” which unsurprisingly is the story of a Beaver family and how they eventually evolve into Wolf Cubs on the river bank.


1st Hamilton North SG has been working hard over the last few months preparing to start our youngest section. This will enable us to provide scouting to families with younger children and siblings and  also provide continuity for children who’s parents would like their child to enter a scouting program at an earlier age.

I’m delighted to say we have reached our goal and as of Term 2 of 2017 our Beaver section will start operating from the Hamilton Waldorf Primary School, Huntingdon, Hamilton. on Wednesday nights from 5.00 to 6.30pm.

The object of the Beaver Section is to provide a happy, friendly section for the younger boys and girl members of the 1st Hamilton North SG, where they can take part in suitable activities appropriate to their ages and development prior to entering the next Section, the Wolf Cubs.

Leaders Names:

We have two new leaders starting the Beaver section and  the are Ahmeek and Rainbow, both are mothers of youth members of the Pathfinder and Wolf Cub Sections and have already been working extremely hard on the  preparation for next term.

The titles or names for the Beaver Colony Leaders/Officers are taken from the book ‘Friends of the Forest’ that the theme of Beavers is taken from. Therefore the name ‘AHMEEK’ must be used for the Beaver Master. Names for Assistant Beaver Masters and for Instructors and any adult helpers will be left to the discretion of the Section concerned, but the names that can be selected from are ~ ‘Keema’; ‘Keeo’; ‘Grey Beaver’; ‘Brown Beaver’; ‘Black Beaver’; ‘Tictac’; ‘Rainbow’; ‘Kiggiark’ (Eskimo); ‘Rusty’; ‘Bubbles’ Or ‘Malak’.

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