Baden Powell

Baden-powell - -Baden Powell was certainly someone you would have never forgotten if you met him, he was quite a small man with a quirky mustache and an endearing smile but he was also one of most influential people on this planet in the last 150 years.

The story of Baden Powell is told in the video below and an absorbing one it is, from his failures at school, to his successes in the Army, not only as a soldier and spy but also as a writer. Baden Powell was a prolific author and wrote many books on military tactics, aids to scouting and of course his most famous book of all Scouting for Boys.

History tells us that scouting can find it’s roots in a small town in South Africa called Mafeking, where the commanding officer of the besieged town realized the potential of youth due to the service of the Mafeking Cadets who are also known as the first boy scouts. It was siege that would change Baden Powell’s life and indeed his destiny forever and was the catalyst for the scouting movement that we know today, a movement which has an estimated 40 million scouts in around the world and untold millions of x scouts who now share Baden Powell’s legacy.


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