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The BBS in NZ and the Order Of World Scouts

New Badge Shoulder 6Evidence now points to the fact that the BBS were here in New Zealand from around 1910 to 1914, however, exact dates are pretty sketchy. It was reported in an Australian Newspaper of the time, that the BBS were setting up a council in New Zealand in December 1910, but I have yet to find out what developed after that. There is one important fact that we do know, that is the then New Zealand branch of the BBS were one of the original signatory’s to the founding of the Order of World Scouts back in 1911, the umbrella organisation that the BBS belongs to. The OWS is the oldest world scouting organisation in the world, formed some 20 years before WOSM which is now the major player in scouting around the world.

There are some scouters who believe that the BBS split or broke away from the Boy Scouts in the 1960’s, where in fact they went their separate ways back in 1909. This occurred when there was a disagreement between our organisations founder Sir Francis Vane  and Baden Powell in London.  The difference in opinion was over the elements in the organisation that were promoting militarism, Sir Francis had the view that the Scouts should not be used as a vehicle to train future soldiers and that the Boy Scouts were heading down this path. Baden Powell under pressure from within the organisation sacked Sir Francis and immediately over 200 troops called a meeting and demanded his reinstatement. Baden Powell refused and the troops left the boy scouts and the British Boy Scouts was formed. At it’s height  of popularity, the BBS had over 50, 000 members around the world.

For a full history of the formation of the BBS and the OWS please follow the link below:-

The OWS and BBS Website

The 1st Hamilton North Scouting Group

Hamilton NorthThe 1st Hamilton North Scouting Group are the first BBS NZ / OWS group in New Zealand for over 100 years and we are based at Chapel Hill Community Church, Cate Rd, Hamilton.

The group was formed in October of 2015 to provide both Leaders and youth members with the opportunity of taking part in a Traditional scouting program. The main difference between main stream scouting and Traditional scouting is we use the original scouting program designed by Baden Powell pre 1950 as the basis of our scouting program and award schemes. Our Promise and law remain unchanged  as do the scouting principles that we teach to our youth members.

This means that we  maintain the original color , traditions, values  and principles of scouting that made it the successful organisation it was.

Hamilton North is autonomous, in that every cent we raise is pumped back into the youth and the the running of the organisation. The $55.00 that each member pays a term pays  directly for materials, badges, improvements to our equipment and inventory so we can provide the best possible program for our youth members.

We as NZ members of the BBS  do all the regular activities you would expect from a land based scouting group and in some cases more than a modern organisation can offer like SNZ, who’s rules and principles restrict some activities from being undertaken by certain sections of its membership. This doesn’t mean we do not observe the same or similar risk assessment principles when it comes to managing the safety of our youth and leaders, but being  an independent group it allows us to manage those risks in a different way.

Ok, let’s try and answer a few simple questions.

  1. How long has the group been going? Ans. The 1st Hamilton North Scouting Group was formed in October 2015, so we are fairly new, in scouting terms.
  2. Are all your leaders Police Vetted. Ans. Yes absolutely, even our committee members are as well, this is a condition of our membership of both the BBS and OWS. It should be noted that the 1st Hamilton North Wolf Cub and Pathfinder Scouting Group are an approved Vetting Agency with the New Zealand Police.
  3. What are the age groups? Ans. Beavers will be 5.5 years of age to 7. 5 years of age, Wolf Cubs  are from 7.5 years of age to 11 years of age and Pathfinders 11 years of age to 18.
  4. Is this group connected to Scouts New Zealand in any way? Ans. The 1st Hamilton North Wolf Cub and Pathfinder scouting group are not connected to, or  affiliated to in any way  to Scouts New Zealand.
  5. Are you insured? Ans. Yes we carry our own public liability insurance through AON.

2 Comments on “About Us

  1. Hello from across the pond.
    I’m a pathfinder leader with the 68th Frost Hollow Scout Group BPSA-US. Love your page. It’s incredible how the OWLS is in your country. None here in the U.S. check us out on Facebook or our Google page.


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