Beavers our Newest Section

Hi all,

Well just over a  year on and we are now looking at starting our third and youngest section. Beavers..these are the youngest section of a traditional scouting group and although a Beaver is not a mammal you will find in New Zealand (Apart from the two legged variety currently playing for the Chiefs), it was important that we kept the section name as  it is.

This has a  lot to do with the book that the Beaver program was built around “the Friends of the Forest” in which a young beaver leaves the riverbank and evolves into a Wolf Cub.

As I explained to one of our new leaders, who has kindly offered to head this section up, you won’t find any Beavers in the UK either? But you will find literally thousands of  the  little blue ninjas as Beavers are more commonly known as, throughout the majority of the TSA, BBS and BPSA scout groups in the uk. Often Beavers being one of the largest sections numbers wise within a the group..

I’ve been told that we may be taking on too much, with starting this section so soon after starting the group, but it is important that the Wolf Cub section is fed into from the bottom up as indeed the Wolf Cubs are just starting to do with the Pathfinders. This section more often than not, supplies not only a good flow of youth members into the group, but is commonly where adult  leaders grow and blossom, sometimes following their children through each section as they get older.

Is there a demand from parents  for scouting  for young children at this age group ? Well certainly in my experience there has been and continues to be a significant interest from parents.  This is also reflected around the world, all be it that with this particular age group being named after an animal or bird which is native to that country.For example in New Zealand SNZ have Kea’s and In America the BSA has Tigers.  Often  groups have waiting lists because demand is so high.

The Beaver Section will be based at The Waldorf School in Huntington, Hamilton and will initially be opened for  12 youth members. I’m hoping for these numbers to be increased as we get parents involved in the future, already these spaces are filling up and we haven’t even reach the start of Term 2, which is when we will get this section officially underway.

Already we have started organizing uniforms, with approval from the Grand Scout in the UK on the changes we have made to the BBS standard Beaver uniform. The most significant of which I guess will be the cap, which will be black with grey/silver stripes and a red beaver badge on a grey background. In the UK section of the BBS, this cap is grey with blue stripes.

I have two fantastic leaders who have volunteered to take this section on and run with it,  one of whom is a primary teacher and the other a nurse, so the kids will be in good hands.

If your interested in your child joining this newest section of the group, please contact me vie the contacts page and we’ll get back to you in 24 hrs.


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